BLiSS by Adeline Jewels


Sat : Chit : ANANDA (in Sanskrit)

Existence : Consciousness : BLiSS

fine gold 7 chakra and other inspirational jewels....

BLiSS is waking up every morning and being grateful

BLiSS is going out into the world with the spirit of compassion and happiness

BLiSS is seeing the best in others and focusing on their qualities

BLiSS is giving your best to others no matter how they choose to be

BLiSS is a choice............YOUR choice

In every moment choose BLiSS

Be aware........stay awake

As a daily reminder.......wear BLiSS

BLiSS by Adeline


Designer: Adeline Arjad

Made in:  Los Angeles, CA, USA

With:  LOVE

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