Up-cycled Glass Art

$ 900.00

This contemporary Glass Art Piece is one of a kind! And yes, it’s made from glass that was destined for the landfill!!

The artist rescues the abandoned glass and takes it to her studio. Each large piece is carefully covered and then violently smashed! Imagine the pieces ... dropping like diamonds into a large bin.

This is where the creativity starts ... each glass fragment is lovingly put back together - like pieces of a puzzle - in two layers. And then the reclaimed glass is tack fused in a large hot kiln overnight.

So far - 37 tons of tempered non-biodegradable glass has been saved from the dump. And, since the glass breaks in different shapes and has different markings and shades - each up-cycled art piece is completely unique!

So here for your enjoyment is an ARTSY piece - that's also Environmentally Responsible.

May you enjoy your truly "green" collector’s item. Artist is Adeline Arjad Cook.

Each piece is hand made to order - please allow 3 weeks.